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What Is It?

This guidance will teach you how to set up a webform which links to a database to capture inbound engagement from suppliers. A webform like this can easily be embedded into your borough's website, and act as the portal for suppliers to engage with the borough. We have set up a live demo here, for you to see how the form feeds into the database. If you fill in the form (you can use fictitious information), and refresh this page, you will see that the information you filled into the form appears as a new entry in the database below.

Once you have set up your own database, this is what the backend will look like for you. You can expand records to view the supplier information as a card by clicking the expand icon which pops up when you hover over the supplier name. We have grouped the suppliers in this list by service area, but as we explain below, you can customise how you sort, group and display suppliers in the database.

How should you do it?