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What is it?

Any market engagement notice (PIN, ITT) must be published on OJEU and on national contract portals, to ensure transparency and fairness in the procurement process. However this in itself is not sufficient to generate widespread interest from the market, and is particularly ineffective in reaching new market entrants and smaller, innovative suppliers. In addition to publishing in line with legal requirements, procurements should be accompanied by an advertising campaign to ensure that suppliers are aware of and engage with the procurement process.

Why does it matter?

When should you do it?

To maximise market engagement, you should aim to keep suppliers on the procurement journey with you: from the point at which you identify a technology need, to the point of awarding a contract. This means that you can start advertising your business needs and intent via informal channels far in advance of formally publishing a Prior Information Notice (PIN). It is important to continue publishing information and communicating with the market at every milestone in the journey, up until the the deadline for tenders receipt. After a contract has been awarded, this should also be published formally and announced via media channels.

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Case Study: App4IR

In 2014, the New Zeeland government department launched a design competition for a mobile app for Inland Revenue. The widespread participation and success of the competition was largely due to the marketing campaign aimed at attracting technology startups. The opportunity was advertised via local press and radio, and social media. A webpage was set up for startups to register their interest, and reminders of tender deadlines were shared on Reddit threads. The Twitter hashtag #app4ir generated a lot of engagement - participants shared mockups at each stage with the hashtag. Investors, tech networks and creative agencies responded with comments via Twitter. The project overview and outcomes were published via the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Youtube channel.


How should you do it?

What to Publish?

Where to Publish?

Publishing solely through contract portals and through your social media channel will not have the desired reach, although these still remain important things to do (in particular you should be posting on Twitter and LinkedIn). To reach innovative suppliers, it is important to reach out to them via the networks that they actually use and communicate to them in novel ways. As one of the survey respondents stated: